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Sporty, extravagant and modern: the lifestyle solution.

The hexa4GRIP shoe soles for casual footwear and lifestyle impress with their modern design and functional details.

Scooter Sole Sheets

„Scooter“ is a streetwear outsole with an extraordinary design. This versatile product combines classic design elements with functional lines in cool colours.

Urban Sole Sheets

The hexa4GRIP „Urban“ outsole makes a real impression with its on-trend polygon design. The special two-colour designs are an innovative highlight, creating a colour match between the upper and the sole. This gives the product a high recognition factor among consumers.

Lifestyle Sole Sheets

The „Lifestyle“ model with its angular profile creates a completely distinctive look in the black or two-colour saw tooth versions. It has a fantastic grip and is remarkably abrasion-resistant and durable. With its open-sided profile design, it is particularly suitable for individual sole contours. The corresponding heel tips also have the same distinguishing features.

Lifestyle Integrated Sole Sheets

„Lifestyle Integrated“ has the same impressive product features as the „Lifestyle“ model. Once again, the angular profile creates a truly distinctive look, but with the added bonus of an integrated heel.