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Excellent shoe soles for outdoors and trekking.

hexa4GRIP outsoles deliver impressive results in the outdoor sector thanks to their new design idiom and technical details.

Approach V1/V2

The high-performance „Approach V1“ and „Approach V2“ outsoles are perfect for trekking and outdoor activities. They feature a distinctive open-sided profile design for individual sole contours and hexa4GRIP high-performance rubber for varying degrees of shore hardness, plus they also boast an increased edge quality and an angular two-colour profile.

Ricosta Mountain

The „Ricosta Mountain“ delivers optimum performance for children’s outdoor activities thanks to the integrated hexa4grip sole technology.

Pepino Krabbelmaxe

The newly developed „Pepine Krabbelmaxe“ features a flexible hexa4GRIP rubber sole, allowing the forefoot and heel to move independently.

High Grip Sole Sheets

The High Grip products are perfect for approach shoes and light hiking footwear. They are incredibly strong, as is demonstrated by their non-slip grip. They are also perfect for manufacturing sports shoes or ready-made shoes.